Some findings with jsUnit tests, IE7, and Safari

Joseph Scheuhammer clown at
Fri Jun 29 20:50:26 UTC 2007

For the last couple of days, I have to been trying to get our lightbox 
jsUnit tests running inside IE7.  Here, for posterity, are some of the 
results.  Note that the following is also recorded as a JIRA issue 
"FLUID-23" (

Previously, the jsUnit tests did not run when using IE7, Safari on 
Windows, nor Safari on Mac. Michelle discovered a technique whereby one 
defines a "exposeTestFunctionNames()" function that publishes a string 
array containing the names of the test functions themselves. The 
function was added to TestConstants.js.

This technique has worked -- the tests now run when using IE7 and 
Safari. To be clear, only the tests in GridHandlerLayoutTests.js and 
LightboxTests.js were published using the technique; that is, none of 
the tests in MochiLightboxTests.html were so published. As such, all of 
the tests continue to run, and run successfully, in FF.

None of the GridLayoutTests fail in IE7 nor Safari. Seven of the 
Lightbox tests fail in IE7, and one fails in Safari. The MochiLightbox 
tests fail, but that is due to the lack of published test function 
names.  That is, once on uses the test function name publisher, one has 
to use it "everywhere". An attempt to add an exposeTestFunctionNames() 
to the top of MochiLIghtboxTests.html caused one of them to fail in FF 
(previously, it passed when not published in FF). The code committed to 
svn does *not* publish the MochiLightbox test names so that all continue 
to pass in FF.

We need to determine:
- why certain tests fail in IE7,
- why certain tests fail in Safari,
- how to publish the MochiLightbox tests such that they are run in IE7 
and Safari, but do not fail in FF.

Notably, the ones that fail in IE7 and Safari frequently have to do with 
testing focus -- we already know about focus issues with respect to IE 
and Safari.


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