UC Berkeley pointing to Fluid work-in-progress

Ray Davis ray at media.berkeley.edu
Thu Jun 28 22:19:12 UTC 2007

Locally at UC Berkeley, we've been testing the Image Gallery inside 
our branch of Sakai 2.4.x by deploying the original "contrib/ucb" 
code, which effectively froze on April 29, 2007. The version of Image 
Gallery being used as a test application in Fluid has evolved 
considerably from that point, even aside from the Lightbox component. 
Rather than continue to test locally against effectively obsolete 
code, we've decided to switch our test systems over to pick up the 
latest from the U. Toronto Fluid source tree.

We're _not_ intending to use this code in production, and we fully 
expect that the latest snapshot won't always be usable on a Sakai 
2.4.x-based system. Currently we don't anticipate starting even a 
pilot of Gallery until the application is stable enough to hand off 
from a Fluid-component-focused team to an application-focused team. 
This is purely to make local testing and bug tracking more 
convenient. However, before you decide to (for example) delete 
everything underneath 
maybe you could drop a line to the fluid-work list?  :)


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