Drag and drop errors with Dojo

a.cheetham at utoronto.ca a.cheetham at utoronto.ca
Thu Jun 28 15:08:03 UTC 2007

It seems that the version of dojo we've been using (the M2 release)  
exhibits an error that seems related to our issue: In the dojo test  
page, if you try to drop an item in the container but not within the  
list itself, an error message is displayed in the console. (In the  
Lightbox, if you drop a thumbnail anywhere but on another thumbnail,  
it disappears.)

The current trunk of dojo (which will be released as 0.9 beta  
literally any minute now) eliminates this error in their test file.  
I'm currently investigating using this latest release of dojo with the  
Lightbox. Our disappearing thumb problem is still there, but I'm  
investigating what are the differences between how we're doing things  
and how their test file does things.

Anastasia Cheetham                   a.cheetham at utoronto.ca
Software Designer, Fluid Project
Adaptive Technology Resource Centre / University of Toronto

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