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Eric Dalquist eric.dalquist at
Wed Jun 27 20:00:55 UTC 2007

 From a JA-SIG portal developer I'll second this. Fluid was very well 
received and I, along with many others in JA-SIG, are very excited about 
the technology especially since there is something that I can almost use 

-Eric Dalquist

Clayton H Lewis wrote:
> Colin's demo of the lightbox, as a kiosk demo and in his presentation 
> to the conference, was very well received. The approach of leading 
> with a tangible work product rather than rhetoric was strongly 
> supported by the response. All the hard work that went into making 
> this possible really paid off!
> Clayton Lewis
> Professor of Computer Science
> Scientist in Residence, Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities
> University of Colorado
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