proposal for human scavenger demons for UX wiki development

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Wed Jun 27 19:40:35 UTC 2007

I would try to focus this on specific topic areas (rather than just
setting a student loose on the general idea of finding user experience
information) and maybe even specific types of organizing and
formatting. Just a thought though.

Also, do we mean demons:
or daemons?

Or maybe we don't really mean either one.

Back to lurking.

On 6/27/07, Clayton H Lewis <Clayton.Lewis at> wrote:
> (generated at the JA-SIG Fluid BOF)
> *there are collections of personas, walkthroughs, and other valuable UX
> materials in documents developed by various projects (for example at Guelph,
> as discussed in the BOF by Gerrit Bos)
> *there are also wikis associated with the projects and communities with
> which Fluid works that contain this kind of material, besides the Fluid wiki
> *there is a need to improve access to these materials, probably in two ways:
> --extracting information from other sources and consolidating it in Fluid's
> wiki
> --offering such material for inclusion in other wikis, recognizing that
> uPortal (for example) has and should have its own UX wiki rather than being
> in any sense "preempted" by Fluid
> *any of us might have good intentions to carry out the necessary
> cross-project information gathering, but our intentions may not be realized
> *what if we found modest resources to hire students to do this work. they
> would be asked to:
> --find relevant materials, as above
> --edit it as may be appropriate (for example, to put personas in a
> reasonably consistent form)
> --propose it to a willing person associated with each Wiki (Fluid,
> uPortal/JA-SIG, etc) who can (if it looks good) put it on that wiki
> ----the idea behind this step is to avoid trusting students to blast stuff
> into other communities' wikis
> ----the other wikis could decide if they actually want to post this stuff,
> or if having a link into Fluid works better for them
> ------these decisions could drift over time, if people feel their interests
> are adequately represented in the Fluid community space
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