proposal for human scavenger demons for UX wiki development

Clayton H Lewis Clayton.Lewis at Colorado.EDU
Wed Jun 27 16:48:21 UTC 2007

(generated at the JA-SIG Fluid BOF)

*there are collections of personas, walkthroughs, and other valuable  
UX materials in documents developed by various projects (for example  
at Guelph, as discussed in the BOF by Gerrit Bos)
*there are also wikis associated with the projects and communities  
with which Fluid works that contain this kind of material, besides  
the Fluid wiki

*there is a need to improve access to these materials, probably in  
two ways:
--extracting information from other sources and consolidating it in  
Fluid's wiki
--offering such material for inclusion in other wikis, recognizing  
that uPortal (for example) has and should have its own UX wiki rather  
than being in any sense "preempted" by Fluid

*any of us might have good intentions to carry out the necessary  
cross-project information gathering, but our intentions may not be  

*what if we found modest resources to hire students to do this work.  
they would be asked to:
--find relevant materials, as above
--edit it as may be appropriate (for example, to put personas in a  
reasonably consistent form)
--propose it to a willing person associated with each Wiki (Fluid,  
uPortal/JA-SIG, etc) who can (if it looks good) put it on that wiki
----the idea behind this step is to avoid trusting students to blast  
stuff into other communities' wikis
----the other wikis could decide if they actually want to post this  
stuff, or if having a link into Fluid works better for them
------these decisions could drift over time, if people feel their  
interests are adequately represented in the Fluid community space

Clayton Lewis
Professor of Computer Science
Scientist in Residence, Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities
University of Colorado

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