SVN moves, JSR-168 Gallery

antranig at antranig at
Mon Jun 25 23:10:48 UTC 2007

I have moved the SVN location of the image gallery tool to the more standard
location of

There is now an initial checkin of the JSR-168 portlet version of the
tool at

Note that there is no code in this project (as would be typical for an RSF
integration project) - it consists of only packaging files (web.xml, some
Spring contexts, portlet registration) and a tiny HTML layout file to get
the JS injected into the portal.

The build for this project is currently a little odd since I am in a bit of
a hurry - despite being a non-Sakai tool it still requires to be built within
reach of the Sakai "master" project - it uses the "partial WAR" composition
strategy to adjust the already built WAR of the original tool rather than
having another layer of factorisation as it should, so it depends on a Sakai
version number.

Right now the portlet version just basically builds and has had its files
looked over by eye - hopefully by the time anyone manages to try it out
it will be in a somewhat better condition :) Over the next hour I will be
struggling to install Pluto 1.1 and blow some smoke into it... much flies,
many bad wind.


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