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Mon Jun 25 17:27:14 UTC 2007

Hi Joseph,

IA2 is implemented in FF3, also code named minefield. This is the browser
version we will be working on for the full ARIA spec. Much of the IA2
support is in FF3 now. It could be backported to FF2 but I don't believe
anyone is doing that.

The current accessibility support in Dojo will work with > FF 1.5 today.
This will be through Dojo 1.0.  Dojo 1.0 will not implement full ARIA
support (like drag and drop).

Regarding API support - basically the new roles, states, and properties in
the full ARIA aria spec. as well as a rich editable text API, table
support, and relations in ARIA would be be accessible through IAccessible2.


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David wrote:
> It doesn't necessarily mean what you need from dijit/dojo won't work on
> FF 1.x... just that the decision to "support" it isn't promised.

How does IAccessible2 fit into this?  My impression is that Mozilla is
implementing IAccessible2 for FF2, and that IAccessible2 is very much
influenced by ARIA.

To what extent could IAccessible2 be backported to FF 1.x?
To what extent is dojo incorporating IAccessible2 into its accessibility


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