David Bolter david.bolter at utoronto.ca
Mon Jun 25 14:09:36 UTC 2007

Hi Antranig,

antranig at caret.cam.ac.uk wrote:
> Quoting Simon Bates <simon.bates at utoronto.ca>:
>> Colin Clark wrote:
>>> A question for the Dojo folks: I've been trying to find a list of
>>> supported browsers for the 0.9 release. Does such a thing exist, and if
>>> so can you point me to the right place?
>> There is a list here:
>> http://www.dojotoolkit.org/developer/dijit/spec/overview
>> * IE 6+
>> * FF 2
>> * Safari 3
>> (there is a possibility that Opera support may be added for 1.0 but it
>> won't be supported in 0.9)
>> Simon
> Hmm... that smells somewhat. I don't see a great reason why the FF 1.x branch
> should be thrown out, they are pretty compliant in the useful areas - it's true
> that the majority of users will be carried along by the upgrades (much more so
> than for IE) but a significant proportion will not.
Yes. It would be great to support 1.x.

Dijit it pushing the envelope farther than the other toolkits, and 
testing against configurations other toolkits might not even consider, 
such as images-off high contrast mode, jaws and windoweyes a11y, and 
full keyboard access... all while maintaining enough bling to hang with 
the cool kids.

It doesn't necessarily mean what you need from dijit/dojo won't work on 
FF 1.x... just that the decision to "support" it isn't promised.


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