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antranig at caret.cam.ac.uk antranig at caret.cam.ac.uk
Mon Jun 25 08:57:06 UTC 2007

Quoting Colin Clark <colin.clark at utoronto.ca>:

> Hi Antranig,
> We do indeed have an instance of JIRA running for Fluid. I'm happy to
> use it for Lightbox issue tracking, but we should be careful to use
> Sakai's own JIRA where appropriate.
> My sense is that it won't be long before the underlying code in the
> Lightbox is more broadly used; for example, Jen Bourey and I talked
> tonight about trying it out with the drag-and-drop preferences in
> uPortal 2.6 soon. Given this, it's probably appropriate to use the Fluid
> http://issues.fluidproject.org/secure/Dashboard.jspa

Hi Colin - looks good (in theory) but I am sent to a login page and I
have no idea which details to type in... was I given an account once?

If we really do have a Fluid JIRA it would be a great idea to use it,
but I think whichever one we do use has to be entirely public-facing -
that is it should be possible for all members of the public to not
only browse the issues but also self-serve their own accounts to
create and comment on them. The Spring JIRA is somewhat like this,
although I feel they are a bit restrictive in that they forbid
editing of issues and comments, even your own...


> What do others think? Should we use the Fluid or Sakai issue tracker for
> the Lightbox?

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