Styles for drag-and-drop?

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Hi Anastasia,

Sorry for the slow response. I just found this in my mailbox.

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fluid-work-bounces at wrote on 06/20/2007 01:43:55 PM:

> We're currently implementing the mouse-based drag-and-drop
> functionality in the Lightbox, and it has raised questions about what
> the interface should look like when mousing and clicking, etc.
> Questions:
> Should the appearance of a thumb change to our 'active' look when
> moused over, or should this only happen when clicked on?
I believe this should be a click. This will be easy for alternative input
If you are going to have multiple options like copy and move you might
consider a menu to selec the option.

> While a thumb is being dragged, should a representation of it stay
> somehow where it was originally? If so, what should it look like?
> (Note: If nothing stays there, the space collapses and all of the
> subsequent images move.)
The user may escape the move or copy and so it would be easier to leave
it there while you drag. It would be good to change the mouse pointer
during th emove.

> How should 'previewing' of the target location behave? Should a ghost
> of the thumb be placed in the target location, or should it be a
> vertical bar, like iPhoto, or something else?

Not sure what you mean by 'previewing.'

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