Lightbox up and down arrow keys

Michelle D'Souza michelle.dsouza at
Fri Jun 15 01:07:32 UTC 2007

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that the lightbox now works with the up  
and down arrow keys.

I have a question for the UX people out there about wrapping.  
Currently, if I am using the left and right arrow keys and I wrap  
past the end of a line, the thumbnail on the next (or previous) line  
is selected. If I am using the up and down arrow keys and I wrap  
above or below the column, the last (or first) thumbnail in the  
column is selected. This seems inconsistent. However, if we did make  
it consistent the behaviour also seems strange. If we change up and  
down to behave like left and right, the thumbnail 'below' an item in  
the bottom row would be in the next column. If we change left and  
right to behave like up and down then there would be no way to cycle  
through all of the thumbnails with a single key - a feature that  
seems very useful. Thoughts?



Michelle D'Souza
Software Developer, Fluid Project
Adaptive Technology Resource Centre
University of Toronto

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