Book: Advances in universal web design and evaluation

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I thought this book might be of interest to some here:
Advances in universal web design and evaluation : research, trends and opportunities / Sri Kurniawan, Panayiotis Zaphiris [editors].
Published 	Hershey, PA : Idea Group Pub., c2007.

You can read sections of it via Google:,M1

	Ch. I. Web accessibility and the needs of users with disabilities / Aspasia Dellaporta P.1
	Ch. II. Failing the disabled community : the continuing problem of Web accessibility / David Kreps / Alison Adam P.25
	Ch. III. Designing children's multimedia / Bridget Patel P.43
	Ch. IV. Bonded design : a methodology for designing with children / Andrew Large / Valerie Nesset / Jamshid Beheshti / Leanne Bowler P.73
	Ch. V. Ageing and its implications for elderly Web experience / Syariffanor Hisham / Alistair D. N. Edwards P.97
	Ch. VI. Gender issues in HCI design for Web access / Stefania Boiano / Ann Borda / Jonathan P. Bowen / Xristine Faulkner / Giuliano Gaia / Sarah McDaid P.116
	Ch. VII. Interpreting the female user : how Web designers conceptualise development of commercial WWW sites to satisfy specific niche markets / Noemi Maria Sadowska P.154
	Ch. VIII. From computer-mediated colonization to culturally aware ICT usage and design / Charles Ess P.178
	Ch. IX. A case study : creating and designing a bilingual resource Web site for Somali immigrants / Sauman Chu / Mauricio Arango / Charles Earl Love Yust P.198
	Ch. X. Web site design for people with dementia / Nada Savitch / Panayiotis Zaphiris P.220
	Ch. XI. Comparing comprehension speeds and accuracy of online information in students with and without dyslexia / Sri Kurniawan / Gerard V. Conroy P.257
	Ch. XII. Implementing accessible online learning for blind and visually impaired students : a pilot study / Hugh O'Neill / Inmaculada Arnedillo-Sanchez / Brendan Tangney P.271

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