Preliminary version of MochiKit-based lightbox

Joseph Scheuhammer clown at
Fri Jun 8 16:27:06 UTC 2007

I have committed to the fluid component svn respository:
- a copy of MochiKit JavaScript toolkit.
- a very preliminary version of a MochiKit-based Lightbox component.
- jsUnit tests for the component.

This was work I did last week.  I took a snap shot of the dojo-based 
Lightbox and its unit tests, removed all dependencies on dojo, and put 
in the corresponding dependencies on MochiKit and ran the tests until 
they passed.

As such, "MochiLightbox" isn't useful within the gallery tool, but it is 
a start.  The next step would be to bring it and its tests up-to-date 
with the current dojo-based lightbox component.


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