Lightbox: Cut and Paste / Drag and Drop

Seamus Byrne seamus at
Thu Jun 7 15:15:42 UTC 2007

> Perhaps what we should be doing is asking  these questions of some 
> users :-)  We have a working prototype of the ctrl-arrow 
> implementation. Maybe we should ask a few target users to try it out 
> and tell us whether or not they found using ctrl-arrow to be 
> difficult, or un-intuitive, and whether or not they would have 
> expected cut & paste to be used for this type of task, and what other 
> functionality they would expect if cut & paste were the metaphor, etc.
I think that conducting some quick user testing of the ctrl-arrow 
implementation is a great idea! There is an accessibility group that 
meets here on campus every Friday. I will check if they have any 
keyboard-only users that could potentially be participants.

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