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Wed Jun 6 18:27:41 UTC 2007

I was going to suggest the same thing- Microsoft uses this visual metaphor
for cutting and pasting files and folders within Windows Explorer; the image
greys out when you Cut it (right click or Control-X), and doesn¹t actually
move until you Paste it (again, right click or Control-V). There is no
visual cue for a Copied object.


On 6/6/07 11:12 AM, "Jonathan Hung" <jonathan.hung at> wrote:

> On 06/06/07, Shaw-Han Liem <shawhan.liem at> wrote:
>> So the question was: If we do decide to implement the added
>> 'cut/paste' keyboard shortcuts, does it make sense to change the
>> visual design and behaviour so that it more closely follows the 'cut
>> and paste' convention (for example, when you "cut" an image, it would
>> disappear and be replaced by a 'cursor' until it is pasted again).
> This raises some interesting issues. If you cut an image and it disappears
> from the UI, how do we indicate where to paste? Does this mean implementing a
> cursor? 
> Also, the convention of having the item disappearing when cut is something I
> see mostly with text. For all other computer "objects" like file folders,
> images, etc., a greyed-out version is left behind until you paste it to your
> destination. Leaving a greyed-out version is useful as it gives you a visual
> cue. Also if they abort the cut-and-paste command, the greyed-out token
> implies that it isn't permanent, whereas cutting it completely from the UI may
> appear like a deletion.
> I like the idea of using the conventional CTRL+X / CTRL+V pattern... it will
> make adoption and learning a lot easier and quicker.
> - Jonathan.

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