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Wed Jun 6 18:12:11 UTC 2007

On 06/06/07, Shaw-Han Liem <shawhan.liem at> wrote:
> So the question was: If we do decide to implement the added
> 'cut/paste' keyboard shortcuts, does it make sense to change the
> visual design and behaviour so that it more closely follows the 'cut
> and paste' convention (for example, when you "cut" an image, it would
> disappear and be replaced by a 'cursor' until it is pasted again).

This raises some interesting issues. If you cut an image and it disappears
from the UI, how do we indicate where to paste? Does this mean implementing
a cursor?

Also, the convention of having the item disappearing when cut is something I
see mostly with text. For all other computer "objects" like file folders,
images, etc., a greyed-out version is left behind until you paste it to your
destination. Leaving a greyed-out version is useful as it gives you a visual
cue. Also if they abort the cut-and-paste command, the greyed-out token
implies that it isn't permanent, whereas cutting it completely from the UI
may appear like a deletion.

I like the idea of using the conventional CTRL+X / CTRL+V pattern... it will
make adoption and learning a lot easier and quicker.

- Jonathan.
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