Gallery tool refactoring complete

Antranig Basman antranig at
Wed Jun 6 17:09:28 UTC 2007

I have finished this round of bashing the gallery code - the project
which was "gallery-lightbox" has been recast as a self-contained WAR,
which has led to major file structure changes. In particular there is
now a single copy of the file which was "Lightbox.html" across the
two projects (gallery + components) which is intended to be both 
the previewable filesystem-based demo of the component as well as the
runtime template used by the evolver (now a producer).

This file is at

Use this one for all future changes to the definition of the 

I have checked out a local copy of dojo into the webapp at

which was the nightly build I got from the reference on the Fluid
Lightbox component page. 

Something is currently stopping the component actually working properly,
which I refer to the dojo experts here - it may simply be that the
nightly build is bad. 

Once we fix this, the test cases and preview should simply run from
the filesystem, rather than requiring the complex build steps on
the project page and also a servlet container.

There is also currently some kind of issue with the markup layout
in the rendered output which makes the image thumbs very long and
high. If anyone wants to see this who is not capable of building
and running the tool I will be happy to supply some rendered source
so people can take a look.

In the meantime work will carry on on the persistence reordering
functionality, but the general file and project layout is stable
once more.


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