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Jan Richards jan.richards at
Tue Jul 31 18:25:39 UTC 2007

Hi all,

So what started this is that I asked Colin if Fluid was considering 
doing a color picker. I asked because if it was, then I was going to 
suggest it should allow colors options to be independently disabled, 
which in turn would allow foreground-and-background pickers to be built 
that could screen out poorly contrasted choices (see attached).

Such a control would consider the accessible of content likely to be 
created with the control (in addition to the accessibility of the 
control itself).

If anyone is interested in discussing this, please let me know.


PS: Actually, it seems to me that the ability to disable color options 
would just bring the picker in line with the family of radio-group 
controls, which color pickers would appear to be a member of.

David Bolter wrote:
> The dojo palette has pretty decent a11y support now including kb nav.
> cheers,
> David
> Colin Clark wrote:
>> Hi Mark,
>> Great question. My experience looking at several colour pickers was 
>> that they were inaccessible in a typical way for a lot of DHTML 
>> interfaces. They didn't work at all with the keyboard, instead relying 
>> entirely on mouse-based interactions.
>> Colin
>> Mark Norton wrote:
>>> Colin Clark wrote:
>>>> I had been looking for a good JavaScript colour picker back when we 
>>>> were working on PreferAble, and while there were some nice ones, 
>>>> they were grossly inaccessible.
>>> How were they inaccessible, Colin?  To some degree, a color picker is 
>>> going to be tough for the vision impaired, though color-names and 
>>> color-values could help, perhaps as ALT or tool tips text.  Why would 
>>> a color picker be any less accessible, mechanically at least, than a 
>>> date picker that shows a month?
>>> - Mark Norton

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