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Hi Sean--

I think that having that information in the title tag makes sense. Users 
can set JAWS to read title tags by default, but if they don't, they can 
still understand the context of edit, etc. since it will be read 
immediately after the document. It may be helpful to add a column 
labeled "Actions" under which the edit, etc. items fall to provide added 
context, since I'm assuming this is setup in a table.

I don't recall if this was covered in the original style guide. Perhaps 
Gonzalo can shed some light there.


Sean Keesler wrote:
> Is there a recommendation from anyone on the best Sakai way to  
> display repeated links (ie: add-edit-delete) in a tool that meets  
> accessibility guidelines?
> I noticed the following table in OSP:
> Which has repeated links for every item attached to a matrix cell.  
> The easiest way to handle it (which would be ridiculous) would be to  
> have links like: "Edit SOE Proficiencies-Row: Proficiency 1; Column:  
> Stage 1-f2 1".
> I've read that some folks use title attributes in their anchor tags  
> to designate a difference between instances of similar links:
> ie:
> <a href="someplace" title="Edit SOE Proficiencies-Row: Proficiency 1;  
> Column: Stage 1-f2 1">Edit</a>
> I didn't wander across a Design Pattern for there one? It  
> would seem to be a common enough issue to warrant a recommendation.
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