Repeated links and accessibility

Sean Keesler smkeesle at
Mon Jul 30 18:49:46 UTC 2007

Is there a recommendation from anyone on the best Sakai way to  
display repeated links (ie: add-edit-delete) in a tool that meets  
accessibility guidelines?

I noticed the following table in OSP:

Which has repeated links for every item attached to a matrix cell.  
The easiest way to handle it (which would be ridiculous) would be to  
have links like: "Edit SOE Proficiencies-Row: Proficiency 1; Column:  
Stage 1-f2 1".

I've read that some folks use title attributes in their anchor tags  
to designate a difference between instances of similar links:

<a href="someplace" title="Edit SOE Proficiencies-Row: Proficiency 1;  
Column: Stage 1-f2 1">Edit</a>

I didn't wander across a Design Pattern for there one? It  
would seem to be a common enough issue to warrant a recommendation.

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