OSP and tabular data

Sean DeMonner demonner at umich.edu
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+1 on this being tabular data.

I think the primary complaint regarding non-tabular data presentation  
from accessibility validators has to do with using tables to control  
page layout. You're using a table to present information relevant to  
the intersection of the column and row headers, not simply using a  
table to manipulate the page's appearance.


On Jul 24, 2007, at 2:40 PM, Sean Keesler wrote:

> I am doing a UI review of the OSP matrix tool (see attched image)  
> and need a little advice:
> The matrix is big table that is being used as a big grid to  
> represent the accumulation of information (files and filled out  
> forms) related to established criteria and levels (rows and  
> columns). The colors of the table cells convey information about  
> the cell status and the icons/images convey information about the  
> number and type of files/forms that have been added to the matrix  
> cell.
> Its sort of tabular data, and its sort of not. Accessibility  
> validators yell at me because we seem to be using a table for  
> formatting only...and indeed, much of the information being  
> conveyed is not being conveyed in a very accessible manner (yes,  
> that is covered in my review) and I wonder if this is "tabular  
> data" or not...I need a ruling!
> Would the recommendation of this group be to redesign the matrix  
> without a table and do some css/div magic? or is this a table of  
> tabular data? What say ye?
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