Today's heuristic meeting

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Sat Jul 21 00:52:13 UTC 2007

Thanks to everyone who came to today's meeting.  As always we had  
some very interesting conversation and were able to continue to  
define this work in a concrete way.  Thanks especially to Clayton for  
his great work consolidating the guidelines which he walked us  
through today.   A few action items came out of today's meeting.   
Mike E. will be taking another pass at the guidelines...adding  
additional accessibility information.  I promised to provide a  
definition of the potential 1st phase scope, content management, as a  
starting point to get us all on the same page.  We also discussed the  
challenge of what configuration of each product we should test.  We  
seem to be leaning toward a local implementation that allows us  
access with an eye toward the 'out of the box' versions.  UPortal,  
Moodle and Sakai all have varying levels of customization so this  
decision will ultimately need to fall with sub-teams for each  

Monday, I'll upload some examples of different skins and out of the  
box Sakai...6:00 on Friday I'm officially done fighting with  
confluence :)

We decided to meet next week same time, same place.  I'll update the  
wiki with current information.  Hope to see (or hear) you all there!

Have a good weekend all!

Daphne Ogle
Senior Interaction Designer
University of California, Berkeley
Educational Technology Services
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