UPortal, Moodle & Sakai supported browsers?

Gary Thompson gary at unicon.net
Wed Jul 18 19:12:20 UTC 2007

I don't believe that uPortal has defined a supported browser list.  It is
probably something that should be
considered and documented.  I'll see if I can get consensus on such a list
from the uPortal community.

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HI all, 

I started a page on confluence to capture information about browser support
for UPortal, Moodle & Sakai,
http://wiki.fluidproject.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=1704312. The Sakai
information comes from their wiki. I couldn't find anything on the Moodle or
UPortal websites. I did find several references to supported browsers for
Moodle by institutional IT organizations and have included a fairly
comprehensive one I found. 

Can someone either point me to information on UPortal supported browsers or
even better edit the confluence page directly with the correct information?
Also, anyone know of a more official reference to Moodle's supported

Thanks for your help!

Daphne Ogle
Senior Interaction Designer
University of California, Berkeley
Educational Technology Services
daphne at media.berkeley.edu
cell (510)847-0308

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