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Wed Jul 11 17:34:29 UTC 2007

Hi Mike,

Good point. In this case, it's not the implementation that is in 
question--as far as I know Dojo does a great job of separating 
presentation from structure with its use of CSS.

The question David brought up here is one of terminology around 
identifying the various states these widgets have, not the specifics of 
how those states are styled or presented.


Michael S Elledge wrote:
> Hi all--
> I may be misunderstanding this, but if highlighting is being used to 
> increase emphasis or attention to an item, you should indicate that 
> using the <em> or <strong> elements in HTML. How it appears, 
> highlighted, in bold, whatever, can be controlled using CSS. If you do 
> it this way a screen reader will let the user know what you're up to.
> Mike
> David Bolter wrote:
>> Colin,
>> Thanks for your reply, it was right on topic, and thanks for checking 
>> the Apple docs. This is a bit of a mucky one I think.
>> I've spent a bit of time away from dojo and am not sure but I think 
>> Bill is struggling with how to capture the semantics of highlighted in 
>> perhaps a style-agnostic term. It might be futile :)
>> I've seen, and experienced first hand, confusion over the various 
>> states that different toolkits have... stuff like armed, active, 
>> selected, checked, enabled, pressed, on...
>> The aria state documentation is quite descriptive... but I'm not 
>> seeing anything that fits say a highlighted parent menu item. I'm not 
>> sure a semantically meaningful term for this is a good idea or not... 
>> but worth exploring. If a menu-item is 
>> selected/armed/active/highlighted we might contort our minds to think 
>> of that as a temporary live region and the related parent menu item as 
>> 'relevant' but I really don't want to go there.
>> I think *maybe* menu items that open submenus should have a selected 
>> state if a user has selected them. Tomorrow I may disagree with 
>> myself. It does seem to diverge a bit from the typical use of the 
>> selected state.
>> cheers,
>> D
>> Colin Clark wrote:
>>> Hi David,
>>> So, in this case, the thing you're suggested Fluid can help with is 
>>> Bill's question about what highlight/hover state should be called? Or 
>>> am I confused?
>>> I did a quick read through the Apple Human Interface Guidelines, just 
>>> as an example of where this terminology might be mentioned, and 
>>> didn't find any reference to it.
>>> How about calling it "highlighted"? :)
>>> Does anyone else know if there is established terminology for this 
>>> behaviour menus?
>>> Colin
>>> David Bolter wrote:
>>>> This is an example of the kind of thing I hope the FLUID ui gurus 
>>>> can help with if possible:
>>>> I understand it may be too early to commit to a toolkit; and to 
>>>> commit resources to a toolkit.
>>>> cheers,
>>>> D
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