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Wed Jul 11 17:27:18 UTC 2007

Hi all--

I may be misunderstanding this, but if highlighting is being used to 
increase emphasis or attention to an item, you should indicate that 
using the <em> or <strong> elements in HTML. How it appears, 
highlighted, in bold, whatever, can be controlled using CSS. If you do 
it this way a screen reader will let the user know what you're up to.


David Bolter wrote:
> Colin,
> Thanks for your reply, it was right on topic, and thanks for checking 
> the Apple docs. This is a bit of a mucky one I think.
> I've spent a bit of time away from dojo and am not sure but I think Bill 
> is struggling with how to capture the semantics of highlighted in 
> perhaps a style-agnostic term. It might be futile :)
> I've seen, and experienced first hand, confusion over the various states 
> that different toolkits have... stuff like armed, active, selected, 
> checked, enabled, pressed, on...
> The aria state documentation is quite descriptive... but I'm not seeing 
> anything that fits say a highlighted parent menu item. I'm not sure a 
> semantically meaningful term for this is a good idea or not... but worth 
> exploring. If a menu-item is selected/armed/active/highlighted we might 
> contort our minds to think of that as a temporary live region and the 
> related parent menu item as 'relevant' but I really don't want to go there.
> I think *maybe* menu items that open submenus should have a selected 
> state if a user has selected them. Tomorrow I may disagree with myself. 
> It does seem to diverge a bit from the typical use of the selected state.
> cheers,
> D
> Colin Clark wrote:
>> Hi David,
>> So, in this case, the thing you're suggested Fluid can help with is 
>> Bill's question about what highlight/hover state should be called? Or 
>> am I confused?
>> I did a quick read through the Apple Human Interface Guidelines, just 
>> as an example of where this terminology might be mentioned, and didn't 
>> find any reference to it.
>> How about calling it "highlighted"? :)
>> Does anyone else know if there is established terminology for this 
>> behaviour menus?
>> Colin
>> David Bolter wrote:
>>> This is an example of the kind of thing I hope the FLUID ui gurus can 
>>> help with if possible:
>>> I understand it may be too early to commit to a toolkit; and to 
>>> commit resources to a toolkit.
>>> cheers,
>>> D
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