Sakai Style guide

Ray Davis ray at
Fri Jul 6 17:51:12 UTC 2007

I wouldn't be surprised to learn that some people just ignored the 
Style Guide, but my experience matches Aaron's. Our project teams 
(which included UI designers) had clear-cut goals, responsibilities, 
and assigned personnel, but unfortunately the Sakai Style Guide 
didn't. Our development had to move forward despite there being no 
clear process for keeping the Style Guide both trim and up-to-date.

It's an old lesson that always seems to need relearning: Unless human 
beings are able to deliver the labor to make them work, announced 
policies are distractions at best. That, I hope, is one area where 
Fluid can make a difference.


At 10:17 AM 7/6/2007, Aaron Zeckoski wrote:
>On 7/6/07, Stephen Marquard <stephen.marquard at> wrote:
>>Though I have yet to see anyone mail a Sakai list and say "I'd like 
>>to do X but
>>the style guide won't let me." Mostly people ignore it and do their own
>>inconsistent thing anyway, even when there are clear ways outlined 
>>in the style
>>guide to do what they need to do.
>I agree with most of what you are saying Stephen, but I have bring in
>my experience and disagree with part of this statement.
>I attempted to use the 1.5 style guide for a number of tools, however,
>it invariably did not have enough information to be helpful (my
>interface was too different or there were no suggested ways to do what
>I needed to do). There was also no html so I just had to look at the
>image and attempt to replicate it (which I gave up on quickly). Also,
>the suggested CSS classes have been somewhat out of date since at
>least version 2 and are completely wrong at version 2.2+.
>This type of thing has to be addressed for the style guide to be
>useful (IMO). That is what my goals cover and I would encourage anyone
>who is willing to work on it to bring in additional goals.

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