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Fri Jul 6 17:17:44 UTC 2007

Colin is right. I did volunteer to help as much as I am able, though I
am just a lowly developer so I should not really be the one to write
this whole thing.

On 7/6/07, Stephen Marquard <stephen.marquard at> wrote:
> Though I have yet to see anyone mail a Sakai list and say "I'd like to do X but
> the style guide won't let me." Mostly people ignore it and do their own
> inconsistent thing anyway, even when there are clear ways outlined in the style
> guide to do what they need to do.

I agree with most of what you are saying Stephen, but I have bring in
my experience and disagree with part of this statement.

I attempted to use the 1.5 style guide for a number of tools, however,
it invariably did not have enough information to be helpful (my
interface was too different or there were no suggested ways to do what
I needed to do). There was also no html so I just had to look at the
image and attempt to replicate it (which I gave up on quickly). Also,
the suggested CSS classes have been somewhat out of date since at
least version 2 and are completely wrong at version 2.2+.

This type of thing has to be addressed for the style guide to be
useful (IMO). That is what my goals cover and I would encourage anyone
who is willing to work on it to bring in additional goals.


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