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Colin Clark colin.clark at
Thu Aug 16 16:09:04 UTC 2007

Hi George,

George Hackman wrote:
> I think the design patterns and the user testing are probably the best 
> place to start. 

This makes sense to me. We'd certainly welcome your involvement.

> On this issue...
> We continue to struggle with "what is the right level of granularity" 
> for these patterns...which is quite related to who is the audience, 
> designers or developers.  Our goal is that we meet the needs of both.  
> Also, in distributed, complex projects such as Sakai, uPortal & Moodle, 
> what is the right level of flexibility to promote consistency yet allow 
> for creative innovation and the "it depends" in design.

This is exactly one of the core issues we have faced with UI design 
patterns as well. As you mention, we're trying to strike a fine balance 
between the needs of both developers and designers, and also to define 
how prescriptive or flexible the patterns should be.

It's an ongoing issue that we try to evaluate with each new pattern we 
create, but I'm curious to hear more about the kinds of solutions you've 
come up with.


Colin Clark
Technical Lead, Fluid Project
Adaptive Technology Resource Centre, University of Toronto

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