Accessibility Considerations for Design Patterns

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Thanks, Anastasia. This is great! It's been a long time since I looked 
at these documents and they are much more complete.  I'll add a link, 
and, after I've digested it, some description.

If you (or anyone else) wants to add their comments in the meantime they 
should feel free.


Anastasia Cheetham wrote:
> Mike, this looks really good.
> In the Design Pattern Accessibility page, you may wish to add 
> information about the work that WAI is doing as part of their 
> Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) suite of specifications. 
> Their roadmap document
> provides an overview of the specifications.
> Currently, HTML only allows script authors to place focus on form and 
> anchor elements. Much of today's markup is structured such that 
> effective navigation requires focus on other types of elements, such 
> as div elements.
> The WAI ARIA work is incorporating a feature into Firefox and IE to 
> support a tabindex value of -1, to allow scripts to set focus on 
> elements that are not within the regular tab order. This is described 
> in more detail in section 5.1.3 of the document:
> There is also an 'activedescendent' attribute which indicates which 
> child element of a currently focussed element is active. The Fluid 
> Lightbox component uses this attribute to indicate which thumbnail in 
> the Gallery collection is currently active when the Lightbox itself 
> has focus.
> This information is specified in detail in the States and Properties 
> specification:
> in particular:
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