Collaboration with Oracle.

George Hackman George.Hackman at
Mon Aug 13 23:52:51 UTC 2007

Hi all,
Thanks for the intro Jutta.  I look forward to contributing where I 
can.  A couple of topics, I could talk about further include...
* UI design patterns and how we use them at Oracle to promote usability 
and consistency.   This is a big help for us as we have a lot of 
developers to support with a fairly small UX team.
* Accessibility and evolving standards.  Accessibility is key to us as 
we sell lots of software to the goverment.  I could talk about our 
program and what we are doing here.
* Usability methods that we use at Oracle (Customer visits 
(ethnography),  usability testing (remote and local) etc.).  You are 
probably familiar with most of these, but I could call out what we do 
differently or uniquely.
These are just starting points.  I am open to new ideas or topics.

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