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Eli Cochran eli at media.berkeley.edu
Mon Aug 13 21:58:44 UTC 2007

I'll raise my hand and volunteer to join in the effort. I have a fair  
amount of experience working in jQuery and I'm open to picking up  
another framework as well (although I'm pretty fond of what I know...  
<indicating a bit of prejudicial preference>)

Since we're using this exercise to evaluate different frameworks I  
assume that the intention is to create framework specific versions of  
the component as opposed to trying to develop framework agnostic  
version. I only ask because I've been very impressed with the EXT  
component library (http://extjs.com/) which has built an abstraction  
layer in order to allow their components to work under under four  
different frameworks: jQuery, Prototype, YUI, and their own EXT  
framework. It's an interesting approach, and it seems to work very  
well for them. But I have no idea how much work it is for them to  
pull this off or what they lose by not plugging into the framework  

Eli Cochran
User Experience Developer
ETS, UC Berkeley

On Aug 13, 2007, at 9:07 AM, Colin Clark wrote:

> Eli,
> Apologies for the delay in responding. This is a very interesting  
> question.
> At the moment, Fluid hasn't chosen a recommended JavaScript  
> toolkit. We've done our initial implementation of the Lightbox in  
> Dojo, but are continuing to compare and evaluate toolkits.
> Our next step is to take the impending Reorderer framework service-- 
> which is based on the Lightbox code--and make it easy for non-Dojo  
> toolkits to be plugged in and compared.  This will give us a common  
> point of functionality with which to evaluate the available range  
> of toolkits including YUI, JQuery, and Prototype/Scriptaculous. I  
> hope we'll get to do some of this porting work the Fluid summit in  
> September.
> One of the key reasons we chose to go with Dojo initially is that  
> we have a team of two developers (Simon and David) who are working  
> with the Dojo community to add accessibility support to the Dijit  
> suite of widgets for the Dojo 1.0 release.  This work is funded by  
> the Mozilla Foundation and IBM as an extension to our work on Fluid.
> Colin
> Eli Cochran wrote:
>> Hi Colin,
>> Mara suggested that you were the place to start when asking about  
>> JS frameworks. I'm curious about what discussions have gone on  
>> already about JS frameworks both for Sakai and Fluid. I'd like to  
>> get the history and get into the discussion.
>> Here is what I know so far:
>> - You folks have been implementing the Lightbox component using Dojo.
>> - The Chat tool in Sakai uses jQuery.
>> Can you tell me more about your choice to use Dojo. Is it just  
>> because the Dojo library already has some accessibility hooks, or  
>> are there other reasons?
>> Thanks,
>> Eli
> -- 
> Colin Clark
> Technical Lead, Fluid Project
> Adaptive Technology Resource Centre, University of Toronto
> http://fluidproject.org

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