Springy developers choose DWR

Ray Davis ray at media.berkeley.edu
Mon Apr 2 22:10:52 UTC 2007

DWR = Direct Web Remoting - https://dwr.dev.java.net/

This looks like magic, and it's being used in production in some 
products (including JIRA and Confluence), but I hadn't heard of it 
until I read this transcription of a talk Bram Smeets gave on "Ajax 
with the Spring Framework":


Going over ideas similar to Josh's, he recommends JSON-RPC if you 
want an RPC approach, but recommends DWR even more strongly for 
server-client glue.

And then I bumped into this, from the lead of Spring Web Flow:


"In summary a development team evaluating Spring's web app 
development stack should consider Spring MVC + Web Flow + DWR 
together, and not simply the Spring MVC base in isolation."

(I look forward to seeing how much of Spring MVC we could eliminate 
from that combination.)

The DWR 2 preview examples are getting to a spot in which we could 
create fully interactive browser-only (no server) prototypes 
populated with test data by JavaScript. And then after some initial 
user testing's been done, we could replace the JavaScript-loaded test 
data bit by bit with dynamic server-based data without touching the 
"prototype's" XHTML or CSS.... Specifications which double as 
production code. It's a nice dream.


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