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Tue Feb 14 18:23:56 UTC 2012

  Branch: refs/heads/master
  Home:   https://github.com/fluid-project/videoPlayer
  Commit: 52bbe9057ee9d7ff82fdde8afb7d97a406dc5d24
  Author: Anastasia Cheetham <ac at anastasiacheetham.ca>
  Date:   2012-02-10 (Fri, 10 Feb 2012)

  Changed paths:
    M demos/VideoPlayer.html
  M docs/index.html
  M js/VideoPlayer.js
  M js/VideoPlayer_captionLoader.js
  M js/VideoPlayer_captionner.js
  M js/VideoPlayer_controllers.js
  A js/VideoPlayer_intervalEventsConductor.js
  M js/VideoPlayer_media.js
  A tests/html/TestCaption.en.json
  M tests/html/VideoPlayer-test.html
  A tests/html/VideoPlayerCaptionLoader-test.html
  M tests/html/VideoPlayerControls-test.html
  A tests/html/VideoPlayerIntervalEventsConductor-integrationTest.html
  A tests/html/VideoPlayerIntervalEventsConductor-test.html
  A tests/js/IntervalEventsConductor-IntegrationTests.js
  A tests/js/VideoPlayerCaptionLoaderTests.js
  M tests/js/VideoPlayerControlsTests.js
  A tests/js/VideoPlayerIntervalEventsConductorTests.js

  Log Message:
  Merge branch 'master' into FLUID-4546-controllers-refactoring

Fixed small problems with conductor tests.

  Commit: 39cb6ec621c6aee62e9067741eac20006557ea59
  Author: Anastasia Cheetham <ac at anastasiacheetham.ca>
  Date:   2012-02-13 (Mon, 13 Feb 2012)

  Changed paths:
    M demos/VideoPlayer.html
  M js/VideoPlayer.js

  Log Message:
  FLUID-4546: Move the FLUID-4592 workaround out of the code and into the HTML

  Commit: f7aab18f274ad6d24f22ec25463a2342a926ea67
  Author: Michelle D'Souza <michelled33 at gmail.com>
  Date:   2012-02-14 (Tue, 14 Feb 2012)

  Changed paths:
    M css/VideoPlayer.css
  M demos/VideoPlayer.html
  M docs/index.html
  M html/videoPlayer_template.html
  A images/captions-black.png
  A images/captions-white.png
  A images/captions-yellow.png
  A images/fullscreen-black.png
  A images/fullscreen-on-black.png
  A images/fullscreen-on-white.png
  A images/fullscreen-on-yellow.png
  A images/fullscreen-white.png
  A images/fullscreen-yellow.png
  A images/pause-black.png
  A images/pause-white.png
  A images/pause-yellow.png
  A images/play-black.png
  A images/play-white.png
  A images/play-yellow.png
  A images/volume-black.png
  A images/volume-muted-black.png
  A images/volume-muted-white.png
  A images/volume-muted-yellow.png
  A images/volume-white.png
  A images/volume-yellow.png
  M js/VideoPlayer.js
  M js/VideoPlayer_captionLoader.js
  M js/VideoPlayer_captionner.js
  M js/VideoPlayer_controllers.js
  M js/VideoPlayer_media.js
  M lib/infusion/MyInfusion.js
  M lib/infusion/README.txt
  M tests/html/VideoPlayer-test.html
  A tests/html/VideoPlayerControls-test.html
  M tests/js/VideoPlayerCaptionLoaderTests.js
  A tests/js/VideoPlayerControlsTests.js
  M tests/js/VideoPlayerTests.js

  Log Message:
  Merge remote-tracking branch 'acheetham/FLUID-4546-controllers-refactoring'

* acheetham/FLUID-4546-controllers-refactoring:
  FLUID-4546: Move the FLUID-4592 workaround out of the code and into the HTML
  FLUID-4546: Cleaned up controllers tests.
  FLUID-4546: Refactored test to reduce some duplication
  FLUID-4546: Refactored high-contrast theme CSS to reduce duplication
  FLUID-4546: Removing !important from controllers high-contrast styles.
  FLUID-4546: Refactored button tests to reduce duplication
  FLUID-4546: Small clean-ups in response to code review comments.
  FLUID-4582: Adding button images and styles for UIO high-contrast themes.
  FLUID-4546: Properly scope colour-related styles in prep for UIO
  FLUID-4546: Properly scope the colour portions of the default theme
  FLUID-4546: Change button images in prep for UIO.
  FLUID-4546: Replace button images, in prep for UIO
  FLUID-4546: Clean up some comments
  FLUID-4546: Remove fully-qualified name for onPress listener.
  FLUID-4546: Fixes to toggleButton component after code review.
  FLUID-4546: Clean up toggleButton, add methods for press and release, improve style management.
  FLUID-4546: Start to clean up captionControls.bindCaptionModel().
  FLUID-4546: Rename toggleState() to requestStateChange()
  FLUID-4546: Move toggle button functions into public namespace.
  FLUID-4546: Fix to html
  FLUID-4546: Fix bug in test to use proper Infusion file.
  FLUID-4546: Move toggleButton state-changing into the component proper.
  FLUID-4546: Clean-up in response to latest review comments.
  FLUID-4546: Convert volume controls to a viewComponent
  FLUID-4546: Convert the scrubber subcomponent into a viewComponent (instead of rendererComponent)
  FLUID-4546: Remove programmatic style className changes in favor of pure CSS
  FLUID-4546: Remove wayward console.log
  FLUID-4546: Final clean-up
  FLUID-4546: Update copyrights and licenses.
  FLUID-4546: Some clean-up of component creation timing.
  FLUID-4546: Interim commit: cleaning code up
  FLUID-4546: Clean-up of unused code; convert controller to viewComponent.
  FLUID-4546: First pass at full-screen button.
  FLUID-4546: More clean-up of unused 'displayCaptions' code.
  FLUID-4546: Remove the now-unused 'menu' code and markup
  FLUID-4546: Fix 'expect' value for captionControls integration tests.
  FLUID-4546: First pass at styling the caption controls. Integration not complete, tests still don't pass.
  FLUID-4546: Clean up captin controls code; fix bug with selected language styling.
  FLUID-4546: Basic interactions for caption controls working. Code needs cleanup. Needs integration with main app.
  FLUID-4546: First pass at the captions button: shows/hides languages; languages bound to model.
  FLUID-4546: Very messy commit of rendering of list of caption languages.
  FLUID-4546: Clean up.
  FLUID-4546: Functioning keyboard interaction for volume. Code needs refactoring.
  FLUID-4546: Muting
  FLUID-4546: Fix to volumeSlider "slide" listener setup.
  FLUID-4546: Show/hide volume slider; style mute button.
  FLUID-4546: Starting on volume controls. Interim commit.
  FLUIDo4546: Minor code clean-up
  FLUID-4546: Modify Play button to use toggleButtons subcomponent.
  FLUID-4546: Add tests for overriding strings
  FLUID-4546: Add tests verifying that press can be prevented
  FLUID-4546: First pass at generic toggle button subcomponent with passing tests
  FLUID-4546: First step toward Play button as subcomponent.
  FLUID-4546: Remove use of jQuery.simulate()
  FLUID-4546: Add comments about binding to toggle buttons; Some code cleanup.
  FLUID-4546: Tests for functioning of Play button.
  FLUID-4546: Use function to update tooltip text as Play/Pause button toggles.
  FLUID-4546: Temporary focus style; ARIA application role.
  FLUID-4546: First stage of template cleanup: rename classes, start on Play button.

Compare: https://github.com/fluid-project/videoPlayer/compare/d4cc8ca...f7aab18

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