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Wed Jun 15 18:03:24 UTC 2011

  Branch: refs/heads/master
  Home:   https://github.com/fluid-project/infusion

  Commit: cb20bdfd0d4fbadf4ab1edf6350f0335a786d719
  Author: Colin Clark <colinbdclark at gmail.com>
  Date:   2011-06-15 (Wed, 15 Jun 2011)

  Log Message:
  Merge branch 'master', remote branch 'upstream/master'

* upstream/master: (152 commits)
  FLUID-4234: Defined the onclick listener that runs the unit tests through demands block instead of assigning it after the fluid.uiOptions initialization call which causes the lose of the control on the order that the listener gets defined and gets ran. Also fixed the sakai integration demo and ui options manual tests that were original broken in the project repo.
  FLUID-4203: Adding more types of form controls.
  FLUID-4215: Unit test fix - container #main didn't work
  FLUID-4215: Detabbing
  FLUID-4215: Detabbing
  FLUID-4171: Got rid of the demands block for fluid.uiOptions.preview in the context of fluid.uiOptions, use defaults block instead.
  FLUID-4171: Removed the un-necessary fluid.copy() and little change on component naming.
  FLUID-4215: removed extra div tag
  FLUID-4171: Removed the subcomponent fluid.uiEnhancer from fluid.uiOptions by binding event fluid.uiOptions.onSave with fluid.uiEnhancer.updateModel.
  FLUID-4215: Fixed copyright and options
  FLUID-4171: Replacing the use of uiEnhancer in uiOptions with an event binder.
  FLUID-4171: Injected uiEnhancer component into fluid.uiOptions through demands block instead of defaults as uiEnhancer is irrelevant to other pieces on fluid.uiOptions defaults tree.
  FLUID-4215: Added options to tabs components, to pass through jq ui tabs options
  FLUID-4288: Changed the implementation for setting font size to stop removing FSS classes that scale down the font.
  FLUID-4215: Tab work from FLUID-4229 moved here, Justin's pull request comments addressed
  FLUID-4203: Move the UI Options manual test page into the manual tests folder.
  FLUID-4208:  Add labels to tests.
  FLUID-4208: Refactored integration tests.
  FLUID-4208: UIO integration tests.  Refactoring to come.
  FLUID-4022: Removed tab :focus styling, including an important, from demo.css

* master:

  Commit: 04f57ea5d10ebb91af0f0f8628c0ed3c41a1ceda
  Author: Colin Clark <colinbdclark at gmail.com>
  Date:   2011-06-15 (Wed, 15 Jun 2011)

  Changed paths:
    M src/webapp/tests/framework-tests/core/html/FluidIoC-test.html
  M src/webapp/tests/framework-tests/core/js/FluidIoCTests.js

  Log Message:
  FLUID-4248: Added tests for IoC resolution of DOM Binder elements.

Compare: https://github.com/fluid-project/infusion/compare/c2d2054...04f57ea

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