[Commits] [fluid-project/infusion] f2422a: Merge remote-tracking branch 'mike/FLUID-4307'

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Thu Jul 7 19:40:13 UTC 2011

  Branch: refs/heads/master
  Home:   https://github.com/fluid-project/infusion

  Commit: f2422a49c04f6c4dcf25ab6132f176be9f5d522d
  Author: Michelle D'Souza <michelled33 at gmail.com>
  Date:   2011-07-07 (Thu, 07 Jul 2011)

  Changed paths:
    A src/webapp/components/uiOptions/css/FatPanelSlidingPanel.css
  M src/webapp/components/uiOptions/css/FatPanelUIOptions.css
  A src/webapp/components/uiOptions/html/FatPanelUIOptionsFrame.html
  M src/webapp/components/uiOptions/js/FatPanelUIOptions.js
  M src/webapp/components/uiOptions/js/UIEnhancer.js
  M src/webapp/components/uiOptions/js/UIOptions.js
  M src/webapp/demos/uiOptions/FatPanelUIOptions/html/uiOptions.html
  A src/webapp/demos/uiOptions/FatPanelUIOptions/js/fatPanelUIOptions.js
  A src/webapp/tests/component-tests/uiOptions/html/FatPanelUIOptions-test.html
  M src/webapp/tests/component-tests/uiOptions/html/UIEnhancer-test.html
  A src/webapp/tests/component-tests/uiOptions/js/FatPanelUIOptionsTests.js
  M src/webapp/tests/component-tests/uiOptions/js/UIEnhancerTests.js

  Log Message:
  Merge remote-tracking branch 'mike/FLUID-4307'

* mike/FLUID-4307:
  FLUID-4307: more cleanup of the iframe html
  FLUID-4307: Fixed bridge and adjusted unit tests
  FLUID-4307: missed committing changes to the iframe html
  FLUID-4307: Renamed uiOptionsIframe.html
  FLUID-4307: Clean up for demo and component html
  FLUID-4307: Turning off logging in the component
  FLUID-4307: using the iframe's fluid to call invokeGlobalFunction
  FLUID-4307: Renaming fatPanelUIOptionsImp
  FLUID-4307:  Remove the border around the Fat Panel
  FLUID-4307: Refactor variable declaration for the iframe's body element
  FLUID-4307:  Removed unnecessary script dependencies from the FP UIO test page
  FLUID-4307: FatPanel UIO integration tests
  FLUID-4307: Added more integration tests
  FLUID-4307: First run at implementing integration tests.  More to follow.
  FLUID-4307: Added test for mapOptions
  FLUID-4307: clean up
  FLUID-4307: moveOptions tests
  FLUID-4307: Removed commented out notes
  FLUID-4307:  Separate unit test file for Fat Panel UIO.  Branched from FLUID-3761
  FLUID-3761: Further refactoring.
  FLUID-3761: Refactor Fat Panel options sharing
  FLUID-3761: correcting the eventBinder's defaults
  FLUID-3761: remove markupRenderer from eventBinder
  FLUID-3761: Refactor eventBinder defaults
  FLUID-3761: Convert UIOptions bridge into an autoInit component
  FLUID-3761: Calculating the initial text size of the iframe
  FLUID-3761: Removing unneeded defaults
  FLUID-3761: removing unused merge policy
  FLUID-3761: mostly working preview
  FLUID-4207: renaming update from store function
  FLUID-4207: refreshView no longer needs a that arg
  FLUID-4207: Made updating from the store public.
  FLUID-3761: removing extra call to refreshView
  FLUID-4207: Fixed the bug in line spacing multiplier to remove the text size from the muliplication factors.
  FLUID-3761: updating to use prefix in iframe
  FLUID-4207: Creating the line spacer - there is currently a bug in the line spacer as proved by the failing test.
  FLUID-3761: Adding default background for iframe
  FLUID-3761: Splitting the fatPanel's css
  FLUID-4207: Created the text size setter which lazily figures out the text size in its container.
  FLUID-3761: Adding missing css file to the iframe
  FLUID-4207: Fixed the UIEnhancer tests.
  FLUID-4207: Reorganized the file, added comments and removed unused code.
  FLUID-3761: made bridges options more standard
  FLUID-4207: Made UIEnhancer use the classSwapper.
  FLUID-3761: Buggy version of live preview
  FLUID-3761: Live preview in, uio needs to update
  FLUID-3761: Saving on hide working.
  FLUID-3761: UIOptions in iframe, getting close
  FLUID-4207: Made most the uiEnhancer's functions public. Created the classSwapper. Still need to make uiEnhancer use the classSwapper.
  FLUID-3761: Added demands to the iframe
  FLUID-3761: fixed immediate bug for settingstore
  FLUID-3761: A step closer to live preview working
  FLUID-3761: Fixing up options for uiOptionsBridge
  FLUID-3761: Removing commented out code
  FLUID-3761: Refactored, but still not working
  FLUID-3761: linting
  FLUID-4207: Made setContainerClass public. Removed some code left over from the removal of 'textSpacing'.
  FLUID-3761: In progress live preview work
  FLUID-4207: Renaming initLineSpacing and initFontSize in response to code review.
  FLUID-4207: Making UIEnhancer autoinit

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