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Sun Apr 24 08:04:22 UTC 2011

Branch: refs/heads/master
Home:   https://github.com/fluid-project/infusion

Commit: d239722a0c03d18458edba12a514495da7269f91
Author: Antranig Basman <antranig.basman at colorado.edu>
Date:   2011-04-24 (Sun, 24 Apr 2011)

Changed paths:
  M src/webapp/framework/core/js/FluidIoC.js
  M src/webapp/framework/core/js/FluidRequests.js
  M src/webapp/framework/renderer/js/RendererUtilities.js
  M src/webapp/tests/framework-tests/core/js/FluidIoCTests.js
  M src/webapp/tests/framework-tests/renderer/js/RendererUtilitiesTests.js

Log Message:
FLUID-4188: Allow possibility for references to elements of "styles" block of THIS renderer component using contextual reference {styles}, which is for use via "addClass"/"removeClass" decorators. Took the opportunity to refactor part of the renderer expansion pathway to make use of a special area "rendererEnvironment" within the global threadLocal rather than just trashing it by randomly throwing renderer variables into the root. Many old-fashioned uses of "withEnvironment" are now outlawed - expansion pathway will now no longer create a default "fetcher" targetted at the global root if none is supplied - you need to be explicit by supplying a specific makeEnvironmentFetcher. New-fashioned users of IoC should be unaffected - however there is a slight change of semantic with the "deferredFetcher" expander, probably for the better - this will now make use of standard IoC scoping to discover its target. General linting for RendererUtilities.

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