[Commits] svn commit: 10392

www-data www-data at thor.idrc.ocad.ca
Mon Dec 13 15:04:25 UTC 2010

r10392 | colin | 2010-12-13 10:04:25 -0500 (Mon, 13 Dec 2010) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   M /fluid/infusion/trunk/src/webapp/framework/core/js/ModelTransformations.js
   A /fluid/infusion/trunk/src/webapp/tests/framework-tests/core/html/ModelTransformationsTests.html
   A /fluid/infusion/trunk/src/webapp/tests/framework-tests/core/js/ModelTransformationsTests.js

FLUID-3885: New sneak peek framework utility for transforming models based on a set of rules. This builds on the expander functionality we've already got in Infusion, providing us with the ability to automatically convert options from one format to another in order to preserve backwards compatibility. Large suite of unit tests to accompany the functionality.


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