[Commits] svn commit: 4575

Subversion Database Process svn at thor.atrc.utoronto.ca
Fri Jan 4 04:24:49 UTC 2008

r4575 | colin | 2008-01-03 23:24:48 -0500 (Thu, 03 Jan 2008) | 8 lines
Changed paths:
   M /sandbox/tabindex/trunk/KeyboardHandlers.js
   M /sandbox/tabindex/trunk/examples/AccessibleCheckbox.js
   M /sandbox/tabindex/trunk/examples/CheckboxExample.html
   A /sandbox/tabindex/trunk/jquery.keyboard-a11y.js
   M /sandbox/tabindex/trunk/jquery.tabindex.js
   M /sandbox/tabindex/trunk/tests/KeyboardHandlersTest.js

FLUID-154: Created proof-of-concept jQuery plugin wrapper around the low-level fluid.access functions. This still needs work, but sketches out a more sensible API.

Added defaults object on fluid.access to allow easier customization of defaults.
Moved the direction parameter into options so the function signatures are a little shorter.

Updated examples to use the jQuery plugin version of the code. Tests still rely on the low-level functions.


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