[Commits] svn commit: 4547

Subversion Database Process svn at thor.atrc.utoronto.ca
Tue Dec 18 01:06:37 UTC 2007

r4547 | colin | 2007-12-17 20:06:37 -0500 (Mon, 17 Dec 2007) | 10 lines
Changed paths:
   M /fluid/components/branches/FLUID-83/src/webapp/component-templates/html/Lightbox.html
   M /fluid/components/branches/FLUID-83/src/webapp/component-templates/js/fluid/Fluid.js
   A /fluid/components/branches/FLUID-83/src/webapp/component-templates/js/fluid/Lightbox.js
   M /fluid/components/branches/FLUID-83/src/webapp/component-templates/test/tests/LightboxTests.js

FLUID-83: Proof of concept version of working ARIA roles. 

1. Removed the xhtml10: namespace from the role attribute of all our ARIA roles to make FireFox happy.
2. Removed the orderable-focus-targets added by stasia to the lightbox-cell divs, since they'll never be noticed by the Reorderer 
3. Created a Lightbox.js file which contains a function that will handle the Enter key press on the lightbox-cell.
4. Fixed a bug in the LightboxTests.testPersistFocus() where blur() wasn't being called before focussing a non-Lightbox element.

This commit shows a continuing problem with the Reorderer for ARIA support: that we don't actually focus each element, we retain focus on the parent gallery:::thumbs::: container instead. So the individual thumbnail roles aren't being read properly.


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