[Accessforall] interesting idea. PCP as alternate controller?

Gregg Vanderheiden gregg at raisingthefloor.org
Sun Jun 1 13:09:15 EDT 2014

A discussion on another list raised the question of whether the PCP should/might include PRODUCT settings (in addition to interface settings) for SELECT SETTINGS on the product to make it simpler.    

Volume for example is both an interface setting and a standard product setting.    

But for someone with a cognitive disability,  what if connection with a oven would pop 3 "pre-set” buttons into the PCP that represented setting up the oven for the three types of cooking this person did.   
 In this case these would not be an interface setting but an alternate interface if you will for the oven that would make it much easier (possible) to use.      

This considerably complicates discussions on what the PCP is — even further  
originally the PCP was envisioned as only doing real-time changes to the interface (turn captions on/off etc)
either a permanent set (e.g. PCP never changes)
or a context aware set (e.g. PCP changes depending on the software/products being interacted with)
then we added “Store” or ‘Save” and it modified the preferences - (for this context or default) 
then we added PMT like functions
either a mini PMT in the PCP 
or a button that opened a mini-PMT  — or even a full-PMT  (Though maybe the best model is a mini that has a button to open a full if needed and the person can handle it)
This would add a new type of context-aware buttons to the PCP  — the buttons being ‘simplified/more-accessible interface controls’ for the product functionality directly.

Confusing the PCP discussions further is not great.
and this DEFINITELY  is not something we are funded to do or look into
BUT it is a new idea - so I thought I would toss it out for exploration and discussion. 
Perhaps it is BEST done — by just having the simple interface just pop up?  
(though PCP would allow it to be easily ‘called up’ but not pop up or be there all the time.

Thoughts PRO, CON, and SIDEWAYS invited.



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