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Gregg Vanderheiden gv at trace.wisc.edu
Mon Jun 10 22:28:48 EDT 2013

RE Picking a list: 
How about we move the discussion to the Preferences at lists.gpii.net.
It is then part of the overall set of lists.   It also is a bit more agnostic and general than "accessforall"  though that is a big topic for now.   The discussions will continue however, after this is released.

RE  One Place
We can then have the contributions all gather on the preference section of  wiki.GPII.net  (or at least link to them all from there if they are not posted there)

RE  Drafting
I agree that we should start drafting the standard.    Lots of talking won't clarify as well as the actual words.

RE Agreement
I think it would be of great help to figure out what we agree on and where there are differences.
Toward that end I set up a WORKING page on Google Docs where we can work on the ERLEND QUESTIONS  (and any others people add)
you can find it at   http://tinyurl.com/24751EQs

Please go and add your votes for or against statements there -- and add your own new statements.     Lets see where we agree and build from there.
This also works asynchronously - so you can do it whether you make the meetings or not. 

I started it out -- capturing what I thought I heard from the list - or thought.   

Gregg Vanderheiden Ph.D.
Director Trace R&D Center
Professor Industrial & Systems Engineering
and Biomedical Engineering University of Wisconsin-Madison
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On Jun 10, 2013, at 5:46 PM, Liddy Nevile <liddy at sunriseresearch.org> wrote:

> I would like us to be doing the work in one place as well - it is very confusing chasing stuff all over the place...
> Liddy
> On 11/06/2013, at 12:05 AM, Madeleine Rothberg wrote:
>> If days other than Monday have too many conflicts, then we can stick with
>> it. I agree that if we are meeting generally it doesn't hurt to miss a few
>> -- but Canadian, US, UK, and European countries all have different
>> holidays, so it will sometimes be a problem. (In May, for example, I think
>> three different weeks were holidays. The group met on US Memorial Day,
>> when I was off.)
>> Whichever mailing list organizers prefer is fine with me. I just want to
>> know how to keep up to date.
>> -Madeleine
>> On 6/10/13 9:49 AM, "Gottfried Zimmermann (List)"
>> <zimmermann at accesstechnologiesgroup.com> wrote:
>>> Hi Madeleine,
>>> good point about using the mailing list.  I believe we should most likely
>>> use the mailing list preferences at lists.gpii.net.  But I will also send it
>>> to
>>> Accessforall at fluidproject.org - then everybody can verify where they are
>>> on.
>>> Regarding the meeting day: If the reason is only for holidays, i would not
>>> like to switch to another day.  If we move it to a different day, I will
>>> likely not be able to attend.  Also, in Germany we have many Thursdays as
>>> holidays.  So, if we run the meeting every week, we can afford skipping a
>>> Monday if that is a holiday in the US or another well-represented country.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Gottfried
>>> -----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
>>> Von: Madeleine Rothberg [mailto:madeleine_rothberg at wgbh.org]
>>> Gesendet: Montag, 10. Juni 2013 15:26
>>> An: Treviranus, Jutta (Academic); Gottfried Zimmermann;
>>> Accessforall at fluidproject.org
>>> Cc: Andy Heath; Gregg Vanderheiden; Liddy Nevile; Erlend Øverby; Helle
>>> Bjarnø
>>> Betreff: Re: conflict this morning
>>> Thank you, Jutta, for adding me to this message.
>>> Can I ask that we return to using the list for communicating about these
>>> meetings, so that we can be sure everyone knows the schedule? If for some
>>> reason it no longer makes sense to use <Accessforall at fluidproject.org>
>>> then
>>> let's establish a new list for this meeting.
>>> Also, is it possible to meet on a day other than Monday? That would avoid
>>> conflicts with the many Monday holidays in numerous different countries,
>>> and
>>> would make it more likely that we discover conflicts in advance rather
>>> than
>>> just before the meeting time.
>>> -Madeleine
>>> On 6/10/13 6:34 AM, "Treviranus, Jutta (Academic)"
>>> <jtreviranus at faculty.ocadu.ca> wrote:
>>>> Gary Albright who was going to call in briefly this morning to speak on
>>>> outliers and affinity metrics also has a conflict.
>>>> So we will meet again next week.
>>>> thanks
>>>> jutta
>>>> On 2013-06-10, at 6:27 AM, Gottfried Zimmermann <gzimmermann at acm.org>
>>>> wrote:
>>>>> Yes, i think that's wise.
>>>>> Gottfried
>>>>> -----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
>>>>> Von: Treviranus, Jutta (Academic)
>>>>> [mailto:jtreviranus at faculty.ocadu.ca]
>>>>> Gesendet: Montag, 10. Juni 2013 12:20
>>>>> An: Andy Heath
>>>>> Cc: Treviranus, Jutta (Academic); Gregg Vanderheiden; Liddy Nevile;
>>>>> Erlend  Øverby; Helle Bjarnø; Gottfried Zimmermann
>>>>> Betreff: Re: conflict this morning
>>>>> Given all these conflicts perhaps we should let Liddy get to bed on
>>>>> time as  well, and meet again next week or at another time this week?
>>>>> Jutta
>>>>> Jutta Treviranus
>>>>> Professor and Director
>>>>> Inclusive Design Research Centre and Inclusive Design Institute OCAD
>>>>> University
>>>>> On 2013-06-10, at 6:17 AM, Andy Heath <andyheath at axelrod.plus.com>
>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>> I also have an overlapping call and may be late or miss entirely
>>>>>> andy
>>>>>>> Dear Working Group members
>>>>>>> I'm to speak at this event today (sold out with 200 attending), and
>>>>>>> I
>>>>> thought I was to speak last and was one of 3 speakers but it turns
>>>>> out I'm  first and am the only presentation beginning just after 8,
>>>>> see  http://joininfo.ca/BLN . Apologies but I won't be able to make
>>>>> our meeting  this morning.
>>>>>>> Erlend could you chair today's call?
>>>>>>> thanks
>>>>>>> Jutta
>>>>>>> Jutta Treviranus
>>>>>>> Professor and Director
>>>>>>> Inclusive Design Research Centre and Inclusive Design Institute
>>>>>>> OCAD University
>>>>>> andy
>>>>>> andyheath at axelrod.plus.com
>>>>>> --
>>>>>> __________________
>>>>>> Andy Heath
>>>>>> http://axelafa.com

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