[Accessforall] Scenario with conditional items in a user profile

Gottfried Zimmermann (List) zimmermann at accesstechnologiesgroup.com
Mon Mar 12 18:25:42 UTC 2012

Dear all,


I recently got two new staff members, working on the Cloud4All project.
These are Andy Stiegler and Christophe Strobbe.


Christophe has documented a proposal on how to deal with conditional items
in a user profile.  In this scenario, Martha's preferred language is
English, so when a TV programme is not in English, she wants English
subtitles. Between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m., the subtitles should be etra large,
but when her eyes get tired, she wants them to be even larger. During the
day, i.e. between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m., the TV's default volume is loud, but at
other times, a medium volume is OK. The TV's brightness level also depends
on the time of day: it should be at maximum brightness until 6 p.m. but at
80% of its maximum brightness in the evenings.


For this scenario, see the proposed user profile and device profile data at
User+Profile.  The user profile is depicted in JSON and XML formats.







 Prof. Dr. Gottfried Zimmermann

Access Technologies Group, Germany



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