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There are more papers in the list at <http://ids.snu.ac.kr/w/images/f/ff/Paper_list.pdf> ;-)  but accessing them is another matter. (At HdM, we don't even have access to Springer.)

With regard to Zimmermann et al's paper: Is individuality completely covered by the kind of user profile that we have in mind? RFC 4480 also covered mood (admittedly, this may not be relevant to our work anyway).
Aspects such as ambient noise and ambient light are relevant to our work, but I am not sure if they are covered by the categories mentioned by Zimmermann et al (individuality, activity, location, time and relations).

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>Thank you very much, Claudia J
>Could we have access to all of the cited papers in the .doc [1-6] ?
>I’ll start trying to fetch them by myself, but if you can save us some time, that would be great.
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>For our discussion on context description it is necessary to have a look on existing definitions especially to find correct terms. I found a paper that proposes a structured definition of the term context as well as an overview of other definitions and concepts.  After reading this paper I am convinced we should either find a more exact term what we are trying to define/collect (e.g. influenced spatial and temporal situation) or consider the context as a characterization of a user situation, for example, as defined by Dey ("Context is any information that can be used to characterize the situation of an entity") and Zimmerman respectively.
>I recommend having a look on the paper you can find attached or on the following link: http://www.springerlink.com/content/95573j68g0g315j9/ 
>Furthermore I summarized some relevant facts from the paper in the document Context_Definitions.doc 
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