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Please see http://wiki.fluidproject.org/display/ISO24751/2012-06-12+Meeting
and below my signature.


The next meeting of this group will be on Jul 3, at 12:00 UTC.  However, the
task groups will meet between now and Jul 3, to be determined by the task
group leaders.


Thanks for your participation,





 Prof. Dr. Gottfried Zimmermann

Mobile User Interaction



2012-06-12 Meeting 

Tue June 12, 12:00-14:00 UTC

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This meeting is being held as part of the Raising the Floor Consortium. The
Raising the Floor membership agreement, in particular its IPR policy,
applies to the contents of the meeting.


*	Andy (Axelrod...)
*	Jutta, Colin (ITRC)
*	Thomas & Dionysia (certh/iti)
*	Liddy (Sunrise ...)
*	Matthew (Loughborough University)
*	Vassilis (CERTH/IBBR)
*	Gottfried, Andreas, Christophe (HDM)
*	Kasper (RtF-I)

Updates (including user groups involvement)

W3C has started the IndieUI working group, developing a standard on
intentional events. Andy is part of this wg.

The ontology page is being updated. Vassilis can report about this at the
next meeting.

Discussion on Profile Structure

Refer to  <http://wiki.gpii.net/index.php/Discussion_on_Profile_Structure>

We continue our discussion on HdM's proposal:


*	Task-force for developing a proposal for a vocabulary to be used in
conditions to reference device features 

*	Lead: Andreas

*	Task-force for developing a proposal for a vocabulary to be used in
conditions to reference other context features (e.g. environment, situation,
time, location) 

*	Lead: Gottfried

Digital Resource Description


*	Do we need a vocabulary for resource description?
*	If yes, do we want to reuse ISO/IEC 24751-3 (which used a simple
1:1-relationship approach)?
*	Can we build matchmakers that can deal with resources without
artifical resource descriptions?
*	Can we use schema.org, attributes, and HTML markup to automatically
derive metadata on resources? - Currently being explored by IDRC, Andy and

We should make metadata as simple and directly attached to resources as

Decision: Wait for results of exploration activities (including Cloud4All

Standardization - Next Steps for CD

*	Create Committee Draft (CD) for part 1: Framework (currently in
*	One more editors meeting
*	Submit CD for ballot at Sep. meeting of SC36 (as promised to SC36)
*	Goal to generate discussion in SC36, possibly follow up with 2nd CD
or FCD
*	Functions of framework doc: Reassure personal preference approach,
and reassure registry approach

Action Items

*	Look at existing ISO standards that use a registry approach. (See
topic 43.)
*	Formulate proposals for dealing with conditions (see
topic 34).
*	Jutta: share a preliminary list of needs & preferences for literacy

Future Meetings

Tue Jul 3, 12:00-14:00 UTC

Future Agenda Items

*	Presentation on user ontology


Appendix A: Metadata Resources

*	Email message by Andy on 2012-02-07.
*	Schema.org: http://schema.org/
*	NSDL Paradata standard:
*	Link to Paradata learning registry:
<http://www.learningregistry.org/> http://www.learningregistry.org/


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