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Dan is also available for further questions.


Our next meeting will be on Tue Jul 24, at 12 UTC = 2pm CET.







 Prof. Dr. Gottfried Zimmermann

Mobile User Interaction



rickley> 2012-07-17 Meeting with Dan Brickley 

Tue Jul 3, 12:00-14:00 UTC

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This meeting is being held as part of the Raising the Floor Consortium. The
Raising the Floor membership agreement, in particular its IPR policy,
applies to the contents of the meeting.


*	Gottfried, Andreas, Christophe (HDM)
*	Andres (TECH)
*	Dan Brickley
*	Liddy
*	Vassilis
*	Andy
*	Gregg

Status of our discussion

*	Registry of terms for user preferences:
*	Discussion on schema.org:
*	Context properties:


*	Search is in focus for schema.org.
*	MedicalCondition:  <http://schema.org/MedicalCondition>
http://schema.org/MedicalCondition. General-purpose mailing list at W3C.
Purpose: Support search for medical information.
*	Side effects: Make Web pages easier to understand by machines.
*	Persistence of the vocabulary? Very large companies are backing it -
big opportunity.
*	schema.org has a telecon every week with the search engine
providers, looking at proposals from the public.
http://www.w3.org/wiki/WebSchemas/SchemaDotOrgProposals. Once something is
taken, it is frozen. Relations to existing things and properties.
*	Is schema.org a place for defining vocabulary for user preferences?
Family tree data is not always public, but defined in schema.org. But is of
interest for science, so that non-public web pages can be harvested by
browser toolbars. Use a web page for storing the profile data? Sometimes
markup is better than databases, sometimes the other way.
*	Are we describing people, or devices and applications? Set of
abstract needs and preferences, depending on context. Provide a collection
of labels/terms.
*	How to deal with multiple languages? schema.org (sometimes
properties, but more string values) has been translated into different
languages. Classes and properties are still in English currently. Want to
fix bugs and get ready for version 1 before official translations can start.
*	Primary purpose of schema.org is for searching? Yes, but... Points
of interest are used for mapping with applications. Look at search in a
broad sense.
*	How can we model changes in context that should trigger a change in
behavior? Schema.org is a place to write down things that have been agreed
upon. Great time now to initiate collaboration. Harder to get search engines
to use it.
*	Good for describing digital resources, e.g. learning resources.
Whenever there are terms that come as consensus from projects, schema.org is
a good place to document them. Could also apply for terms that are used to
describe user interface settings, mostly application and platform-specific.
*	Is schema.org a good fit for us? Schema.org is not only for public
pages. Maybe use a term registry and have schema.org document markup
techniques without being the bottleneck for registering terms.
*	Is schema.org mature enough for us?
*	Registration process of terms?
*	How can schema.org link to external concepts? Yes:

Next steps

Collect user preferences sets that are already existing.

Action Items

Fill table at  <http://wiki.gpii.net/index.php/Context_Properties>
http://wiki.gpii.net/index.php/Context_Properties with information from
other projects and standards:

*	Vassilis: User Profile Ontology, paper on context modeling, SOUPA
*	Claudia: ISO 9241-11 Annex A
*	Christophe: RFCs 4589 & 4480
*	Andy: Schema.org & ISO/IEC 24751 

*	see  <http://schema.org/docs/full.html>

*	Gottfried: Contact somebody from MyUI
*	Andres: UsiXML & ISO/IEC 24756
*	Gottfried: WHO ICF, ISO/IEC 24752

See also: ISO 8601, XML Schema Definition - Part 2

Future Meetings

*	Tue Jul 24, 12-14 UTC = 14-16 CET
*	Tue Jul 31, 12-14 UTC = 14-16 CET


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