[Accessforall] Use schema.org for context/device description?

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Tue Jul 10 09:15:10 UTC 2012

I have set up a Wiki page for discussion of schema.org:
http://wiki.gpii.net/index.php/Discussion_on_Schema.org.  (I am also posting
my initial content in this message - below my signature.)


My personal conclusion of looking at schema.org is that its purpose is
different from ours and that we have no benefit of using it.  Please feel
free to add your comments and additional information.  







 Prof. Dr. Gottfried Zimmermann

Mobile User Interaction


Discussion on Schema.org


*	Classes and properties: http://schema.org/docs/full.html 
*	Extension mechanism: http://schema.org/docs/extension.html 

Should we use schema.org for expressing context/device descriptions in GPII?


*	Established mechanism in mainstream Web technologies 
*	Based on semantic web technologies 
*	Used by a number of search engines 


*	There is hardly any property in schema.org that we could use for
expressing context/device information in GPII. So we would have to make our
own extensions (which is possible, of course). 
*	The purpose of schema.org is to support search engines in figuring
out what the content of Web pages is. Our purpose is different - there is no
intent to publish context or device description in web pages. 
*	schema.org doesn't provide us with a mechanism for a continuous
registration process that is driven by an ISO standard. We need to have full
control over what gets adopted and what gets rejected, based on the process
description in the future ISO/IEC 24751. 


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