[Accessforall] Profiles (PNP Sets), Keys and Context?

Gregg Vanderheiden gv at trace.wisc.edu
Fri Jul 6 15:48:38 UTC 2012

one of the ideas is to have 'random variation' introduced in settings

blind individuals could have "font size' vary when queired without any effect.

for low vsions the font size could vary a bit and all be readable- but not exact.

these could throw of 'fingerprinters'
but if vocabularies or bookmarks are brought down then it gets harder to not be fingerprinted.  
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On Jul 6, 2012, at 2:58 PM, Matthew Atkinson wrote:

> [ I've studied the wiki and follow these lists.  Apologies if I've missed the answer to my question. ]
> This is a question based on the discussion of separating specific user identities from profiles (PNP sets) via the use of keys to identify PNP sets, as opposed to user IDs:
>  What is the relationship between a PNP set and context-dependent preferences?
> Is the variability of preferences in different contexts:
>  * contained/encoded within a single profile (PNP set) or even a single preference within that set,
>  * or is it expressed by switching between different profiles (PNP sets), each of which would have a different key?
> Some context-dependent preferences might make sense when attached to a generic profile: e.g. most low-vision users would prefer larger print than normal [though /how much/ larger is of course going to be user-specific].  But some are more specific to individual users: e.g. choice of desktop theme when at home vs being at work (aesthetic preferences may be out of scope, but I'm sure there are other examples).
> ---------
> That's the end of my question; I have thought about some ways this could work in practice, though I expect you are already some way ahead on this...
> Would it be the case that, when a user makes a change to a generic profile -- e.g. by setting a specific font size for their larger-than-normal text -- that a copy of this profile is created and then tied to that user by way of a new key and then that copy is edited in future rather than the generic profile?
> I'm not sure how a context-dependent preference is resolved.  I can think of two main ways:
> 	Context description --> Key --> Profile/PNP set --> Preference, or
> 	Key --> Profile/PNP set --> Context description --> Preference
> By "context description" I mean anything that counts as context such as users' locations (home/work/...), device type in use (mobile/desktop/...), ambient lighting level, type of application in use, ...
> Would both (or other) situations be supported?  How do "partial" profiles (PNP sets) fit in to this?  (I gather there is the concept of a set of preferences that could be overlaid on the current set.)
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