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Andy Heath andyheath at axelrod.plus.com
Mon Jan 16 17:21:40 UTC 2012

No, not in here, just kidding :-).

Actions taken ...

My contact who worked on ECDL seems to have retired and is not answering 
enquiries.  I have some friends who have contacts who have worked with 
ECDL who are following up with those contacts to see what might be done, 
who we might contact - right now I've been awaiting responses for about 
4 days.

I've been in touch with the UK office for ECDL which is run by BCS. 
They offered to pass something around likely people in the ECDL circles 
so I wrote them a description of what is wanted to help with that [1].

I'm also about to hit the UK eLearning lists an the UK standards lists 
(the former of which go a little further than the UK in practice) as 
there are a few potential organisations out there that might want to 
help but its a question of reaching the right people within those 
organisations.  Anyone have any problems with that (I won't act on it 
until UK Tuesday morning to allow people to object or make suggestions 
about the content).

Specifically I intend to mail

1. A few select people at CETIS
2. BSI IST/43
3. BSI ICT/6
4. ALT

with something similar to what I sent to BCS below [1]

refs follow sig.


Andy Heath

Hi Mike,

Preferences for adaptation of ICT to meet individual needs
ISO IEC 24751:2008
Need for input on literacy/computer literacy

Thanks for talking with me and offering to pass this around.

I'm an editor of ISO 24751 which is a standard related to adaptation of 
ICT systems and content to meet the accessibility requirements of 
individuals.  We have just started re-working the standard to fit with 
GPII (http://gpii.org) and are keen to gather requirements and get 
feedback from a very broad range of domains, not just ICT but the whole 
gamut of activities - because one of the major issues is how things join up.

To this end, we are looking for expertise in several areas where we feel 
it would benefit and ECDL has been suggested as a source of expertise in 
the literacy/accessibility area, particularly as it relates to the 
boundary between ICT and non-ICT.  I'm hoping there may be people in 
ECDL circles who would be able to help with issues and requirements and 
that you may be able to help by putting me in touch with them.

To give you an idea of where we are up to our working wiki is at


If anyone can help please contact me at

andyheath at axelrod.plus.com


Andy Heath

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