[Accessforall] The Application Block

Andy Heath andyheath at axelrod.plus.com
Tue Feb 7 20:46:46 UTC 2012


Just to finish off that point ..

The notion we used in AfA 3 (very different to ISO 24751) is that an 
application should conform to the appropriate Accessibility API on the 
platform it runs on (such as Java-Accessibility, Windows, etc. note that 
these are now ISO standards in SC35). and that the preferences would be 
therefore be those for the platform and handled by direct communication 
between the app and the platform. That doesn't quite solve the problem 
though because there may be preferences which are just specific to the 
App which go *beyond* what is in the platform accessibility api.

The other reason we didn't have application-specific preferences were:

1. We only did a minimal (i.e. Core) model yet - we wanted that to get 
aired and used before it was extended to all the stuff in 24751

2. In  24751 (i.e. the current ISO model) the model was a "closed" one 
so application-specific preferences would soon be out of date as 
applications advanced. In the model we (i.e. Afa on the Fluid Wiki) are 
doing now that won't be a problem because when an app gets revised or 
another comes along one just adds new prefs for it.

I haven't published it to AfA-Fluid but I wrote a long critique of 
24751. I don't think its worth posting as most are well aware of the 
24751 limitations and we have now moved well away from its way of 
structuring things.


Andy Heath

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